Chapter 7: Dinner

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I was currently setting the table for dinner tonight. Sitting at the table will be pretty awkward with Harry and my mother and David joining us as well. I really don't want to participate in this torturous evening.

My thoughts drifted to the incident that Harry and I shared in my room. He kissed me. I felt my cheeks turning red at the thought of Harry's lips against mine. It felt so... good?

I was interrupted out of my thoughts when my mother spoke to me."Honey make sure to set up an extra spot." She said. I looked at her curiously "why? who's coming?" I asked.

"David has a big offer with another graphic designer for his new game coming out soon. Isn't that great?" She exclaimed with Excitement showing in her features.

"Yeah sounds great." I lied

She pointed a finger at me. "I want you to behave because David has a big thing going for this new game design and I don't want you to mess it up." She warned.

Me? Misbehave?

If anything she should worry about Harry messing things up.
I rolled my eyes. David, David, David. Why does it always have to be about him? It's been about him ever since he moved here and I can't stand it.

The front door just opened. Speaking of the devil. "Hi, honey this is Richard the graphic designer I was telling you about. A tall man soon entered the house with an all black suit on much like David's. He had hair dark as night jelled back with some stubble on his chin. He looked about thirty-five.

The tall man grinned and extended his hand out to take mother's and kissed the back of it softly. "Nice to finally meet you Mrs. Styles. I'm Richard Banks." I cringed at the name he called my mother. Maybe I wasn't quite used to hearing it.

Richard then directed his attention to me. He extended his hand. "Hello dear. you must be Anna." Richard has told me so much about you." He said

Had he really?

"Oh, nice to meet you as well Mr. Banks" I greeted. he smiled and dropped my hand."

I slightly wiped my hand on my dress without anyone noticing. Hopefully.
David spoke up. "So how about some dinner? I'm quite hungry. What about you Richard?" He turned towards our guest.

He shrugged his shoulders. "I could eat." David and my mother burst into laughter. It really wasn't that funny.
We proceeded to the table and took our seats. One empty seat left next to me I'm guessing for Harry. Where is he anyway? Not that I was looking for him.

I hear Harry's footsteps travel down the stairs. "Sorry, I'm late." He announced.

"Ah hears my son finally deciding to join us for dinner." David grinned.
Wow, he must really want to make a good impression. He's not even that close to Harry. I don't even think he likes him to be honest.

Harry then flashed me a smile heading towards the chair next to me. Oh no, this can't be good. He soon sits down brushing against me in the process. Why is he doing this to me now?

My mom had just finished blessing the food and we started to eat. Mom, David, and Richard were making small talk amongst themselves. I zoned out thinking about what Harry and I did earlier the scenes replaying in my mind. I soon felt a warm touch on my thigh.

I look over to see Harry smirk to himself staring down at his plate acting as if nothing is happening. He soon slides his hands further up my thigh under my dress. My breath hitched. What is he doing?

He leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Relax babe."

I couldn't. How could I relax with his hand halfway up my dress? "Harry, stop it before we get caught," I whispered harshly.

Was he crazy?

"Shhh relax." He said. I bit my lip. I felt his hand get closer. I jumped and grabbed his hand under the table shooting him a warning glare.

My mother looked over at me. "Honey are you alright?" She asked. I nodded my head. I could see Harry chuckling out the corner of my eye. He squeezed my thigh I let out a groan and David sent a confused glance towards me but soon resumed back into the conversation. "Harry please stop," I begged.

Harry pulled his hand from under my dress and smirked "alright fine." He whispered. My cheeks stained red. I could tell Harry noticed my reaction because he grinned.

Dinner went by so slow but Richard finally decided to head home. I was glad. I was to tired of putting on a smile and pretending. I was also tired of Harry's sexual assaults. I just wanna go to bed.

I help my mom with the dishes and cleaning the table. I drag up to my room too lazy to shower. I changed into a big t-shirt and underwear. I flopped into my bed too tired to open my eyes.

My mind soon drifted to Harry and what he did at dinner. Why would he pull something like that? I'm too tired to think about it so I quickly drifted off to sleep. Maybe tomorrow.

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