Chapter 44: Breaking Point

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We finally arrived at our destination. I knew Harry would be here. It's his hiding spot. It's the only place he would turn to just to get away.

Zayn cut off the engine. "Why are we at a field?" He asked, looking around confused.

"Don't worry about it. Just come on." I assured. He eyed me suspiciously. "Alright Bambi, Since you're so sure I trust you," he said.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. I mirrored his actions as well. We began walking up the familiar hill that Harry and I once ventured up the first time I came here. The memory made me smile.

It seems like it was yesterday when we came to this beautiful place. When Harry first brought me here it changed my perspective about Harry. I realized that he wasn't all bad. That he had some good left in him. Yeah, he may be rough in some places but he's only human. We all are. Aren't we?

Just like the first time the walk took a little while. The leaves were crunching under our feet. Zayn had to hold on to my hand occasionally to help me up with my broken ankle. That is until he had enough and forced me to get on his back. We were almost at the top. Zayn had to stop and rest a few times because I eventually got a little heavy for him. Nevertheless, we made it to the top.

"Wow, that was a trip. I think I deserve to get paid for this Bambi." Zayn said as he hunched over, placing his hands on his knees and tried to catch his breath.

I looked around and I saw no sign of Harry. I knew that he was around here somewhere. Then I noticed a figure sitting a short distance away at the bottom of the hill. I squinted my eyes to get a better look. Realization took over me.

"There he is!" I said as I pointed at the figure sitting at the bottom of the hill. "It's Harry," I stated. I started going down the hill.

"Hey, Easy! Slow down, Bambi. I don't want to hurt yourself !" Zayn called from behind me. I sat on my butt and slid down the hill.

As I got closer I stood up and dusted off my pants. Sure enough, it was Harry.

"Harry I-" My smile faded as I began to slowly make my way towards him. He had his back turned away from me. He was slouching making soft little whimpers.

Was he crying?

"Harry are you alright?" I asked as I came up behind him. "What the fuck do you want?" He mumbled. "Can't you just leave me alone and mind your own business for once!"

I was talking aback by his response. I quickly recovered myself. "I was worried about you. I came to find you. I knew you'd be here." I said.

He stood up to his full height with his back still facing me. "You shouldn't worry about me. No one else ever has. Now leave." He said coldly.

I touched his shoulder "Har-"

He turned around and pointed a gun at me. "Don't touch me." He demanded.

I gasped in shock. "Harry I-"

I heard footsteps walking up behind me. "What the hell is going on here?" Zayn said.

Harry looked behind me. "What the hell is he doing here? It doesn't matter. Both of you leave now." Harry growled.

"Harry I'm not leaving you," I stated.

He closed his eyes started pulling at the root's of his hair saying profanity's under his breath and other words I couldn't understand. It looked as if he was about to pull his hair out.

"Harry stop!" I yelled.

He let go of his hair and pointed the gun to himself. He looked me in the eyes. His eyes were red and watering. I felt like my heart was about to fall to pieces looking at this broken boy in front of me.

"Harry please don't do this," I begged. I felt my eyes become blurry. His hand was shaking as he held to gun up to his head.

"Leave me alone! You don't understand! You never will! I don't want to be here anymore!" he yelled.

"Yes, I do Harry. I can help you. Just please put the gun down." I pleaded. At this point, I couldn't hold back my tears.

He laughed. "I'm a fuck up, aren't I? Everything I touch I ruin it. I'm destructive. I'm a stupid boy. Isn't that what my father said right? Yeah, I know. I'm the reason he walked out huh? I'm the reason my mother is gone. Because of me. I could have saved her. Because of me."

I felt tears run down my cheeks. "Oh, Harry. Please don't say that it's not your fault." I said.

He then lowered the gun by his side and fell to his knees. He started crying in his hands. I slowly walked up and grabbed the gun handing it to Zayn. "Can you take this? I'll meet you at the car." I said. He nodded and carefully took the gun and walked away.

I focused my attention back to Harry and hugged him. He was tense at first but then relaxed under my touch. We then slowly fell to the ground. Harry placed his head in-between my neck and shoulder as he hugged me back. I rubbed his back and whispered soothing words to him. He soon broke down and started crying. I encourage him to let it out.

I've now seen Harry in his most vulnerable state. To say I was relieved was an understatement. I've never seen Harry cry before. He let all his anger and emotions build up inside him up until he reached a breaking point. That's okay. He had to become tough at an early age. I understand that. Everyone has something that makes them vulnerable.

Even me.


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That's where they were BTW.

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