Chapter 34: I Dare You

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"where have you been?"

Harry asked as he walked toward me. I gulped and took a few steps back until my back was against the wall. Harry stood in front of me with his frame towering of my small one. The height difference not making me less scared. I have to make myself seem confident and not let Harry sense my fear.

"Anna, I do I have to repeat myself? " Harry asked.

I gained enough courage to say something. " N-none of your business," I mumbled.

Harry seemed surprised by my response.

He soon leaned down so his face could be the same level as mine. "I don't think I quite heard you there love. Could you speak up?"

I spoke a little louder this time. "I said none of your business." I spat.

He growled. "Say it one more time. I dare you." he threatened.

"none of your b-"

With one quick motion, he swooped me up and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed. "Put me down you bastard!" I pounded my fist against his back.

He walked up the stairs a burst into my room. He kicked the door with his foot and locked it.

He threw me down on my bed looked in his pocket and pulled out some handcuffs. I looked at him cautiously.

"What are you planning to do with those," I asked.

"Punish you." He replied.

I gulped. "you can't punish me."

"Oh yeah? Who's going to stop me? Carine and David are out at a convention for tonight and they informed me that they are staying at a hotel." he said.

He walked over to the bed and I backed up against the headboard, fear taking over my body. He grabbed my wrist and them together. He gagged my mouth with a T-shirt.

"I'm punishing you because you've been disrespectful lately. You disobey me, talk back and run off without telling anyone where you're going."

I tried to protest but this stupid gag only made muffled sounds come out of my mouth.

he sat on the edge of the bed signed in his hands. He pulled me by my arms over his lap. I kicked my feet and wriggled.

"Stop that before I make it worse," he demanded.

This is so embarrassing. I am being spanked by my own stepbrother. My face was hot with anger. I started to sniffle.

He hit me across my butt ten times. Each time he counted. I screamed, kicked and protested but it was no use.

"I'm sorry Anna but you were acting like a child so I had to treat you like one. Carine and David left me in charge. Carine gave me permission to scold you when you got home because I told her about how you ran off in school. As your older brother, I had to do it for your own good."

I gave him a look of disbelief.

He is cuffed my right hand and cuffed my left hand onto the headboard.

My wrist was starting to hurt from pulling at the cuffs. Harry stood up and left my room to go downstairs. I cried.

I cried until I couldn't anymore. my eyes soon started to get heavy. I drifted off into a deep sleep.


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