Chapter 5: Punishments

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"Why on earth would you try and skip school, Anna?" My mom yelled.

"Mom I'm sorry I don't know what came over me," I said. I sat on the couch listening to my mother rant and lecture me about my childish behavior. That stunt that I pulled with Harry and Nina was not okay and stupid of me to go along with.

It was kinda fun though.

I remember feeling and the rush of rebellion. I laughed and sang as the wind flew through my hair. Harry was probably going way above the speed limit. It was a thriller and I've never experienced anything like it. Let's face it I'm a total "Goodie two shoes". Harry was right. Too much of a good girl to do something like that.

Honestly, with Harry, I feel like I amount to do anything. Is that so wrong that one person had such an effect on me?

"Young lady you are grounded until further notice." My mom stated.

"What !" I grasped. "You heard me." She said.

What! grounded? I only skipped school. This is my first time doing something bad and it wasn't even that bad.

"Why wasn't Harry getting punished?" I asked. "It isn't my place to punish Harry. I'll let David decide for his punishment, but for you missy to your room now!" She ordered.

I can't believe this. I want to ...... Smash Harry face in right now. This isn't fair.
I stood from the couch and stormed up to my room making sure to slam the door behind me.

I flopped on my bed feeling the soft comforter under my skin. Soon I started to doze off.

My head was spinning and sure enough, I was out like a light.

(Harry's POV )

I felt bad about Anna going down for this even though it was my idea in the first place. I'm going to talk to Carine about getting Anna out of her punishment.

I walked downstairs to find Carine chopping onions aggressively. Wow, she must be really disappointed with Anna. I wonder how David's gonna scold me when he gets home? Not that I care, I don't listen to him anyway. I walked up to approach Carine.

"Umm Carine?"

She stopped chopping and turned around to look at me. She seemed surprised to see me talking to her. Since I didn't really speak to her much since I've been here.

I spoke up "umm look Carine I don't think that Anna should be grounded ." I stated while looking down at the tiled floor.

She turned around and continued chopping." And why is that?" She asked.

I twitted with my fingers. "Because I did it , it's all my fault." I said. She sighed and put the knife down and turned around giving me her full attention.

"Harry, you don't have to feel sorry for Anna, she knows better." She stated.

"I know but I'm the one who talked her into doing it. I teased her and called her names so I should take the blame," I admitted.

"I know Harry but Anna has a mind of her own, she knows what's wrong and what's right. Don't you think?" She said. I sighed " I understand."

"Good." She turned away from me and continued chopping. "Well can I be grounded as well?" I asked.

She seemed surprised by my suggestion. "You're asking to be grounded?" she questioned.

"Yeah I want to take some of the blame too," I said.

She looked at me unsure. "It isn't really my place to ground you, Harry. I think that it's best for your father to choose your punishment."

"Please Carine, I'm asking you to," I begged.

"Ummm, okay... Harry, you're grounded?" She said.

"Thank you so much, Carine!" I said. I pulled her in for a tight hug. She was taken aback by my gesture but soon wrapped her arms around me. I ran up the stairs to my bedroom.

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