Why Can't You See It?

Chapter 47

Zayn's POV 

 Ariana's only been home for ten minutes and she's already made me want to rip my head out of my head. She's telling every detail about tonight and emphasizing the details of how Niall mentioned that he is in love with a girl. The funny thing is Ariana is so oblivious to the fact the she is the girl that he is in love with. I've known this for a couple months now, but she refuses to believe me. 

 "Ariana, you know you're pissing me off right?" She glares at me. "I'm sorry I'm pissing you off, but you wanted to know about the rehearsal dinner tonight." I glare back. "Yes I did want to know about how the rehearsal dinner went, not that Niall was probably thinking about fucking you." Immediately, I regret my choice of words because she runs out of the kitchen and up the stairs crying. Man I am such an idiot. 

   I feel bad for saying what I said, but at the same time I don't. Part of me knows I could have said what I said in a much nicer way, but the other part of me says that Niall is going to pull something at the wedding in two days. Niall better sleep the lights on because if he keeps up his act, he's going to get hurt quite badly. 

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary


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