We'll Be Okay

Chapter 57

Niall's POV

It's already been four hours since the lads and I found out about Zayn leaving the band. Ariana found out a little bit later than the rest of us, but was just as shocked we were when we first found out about it.

I can't believe that Zayn is doing this to the band. Just because he dosen't like me, dosen't mean he should let the band suffer as a whole. Knowing him, he'll probably try to attempt to have a solo career. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he had his first solo track out by next week.

We tweeted out to fans an hour ago not to worry. One Direction will continue as a group of a four. We'll get through this and come out strong. Besides, without Zayn trying to drag us down, we might become even closer than we already are as a group. Sure there's going to be a lot of rumors and drama for a little while, but I'm hopeful that they'll disappear within the coming months.

I know that this was an extremely short chapter, but it was basically a filler chapter. Hope you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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