No Distractions, Just Attraction

Chapter 36

Ariana's POV

  I'm eating some left over pizza from last night when Zayn enters with a manic look on his face. "Ariana, you and I need to talk, NOW." I give him a look of confusion. "What did I do?" He rolls his eyes. "Don't even give me that crap. You tweeted about our engagement this afternoon when I told you not to just yet. Ariana why would you do that to me?" I sigh. "I was excited and got caught up in the moment. Plus, the fans were going to find out soon enough anyway." He gives me a sad smile. "I'm sorry for yelling. You have every right to tell the fans about what's going on in our lives." "It's okay Zayn."

  The rest of evening is peacefully relaxing. Zayn and I ate supper a little while ago and now we're just talking a bit before bed. No cell phones in hand, no computers in front of us, and no TV on. Conversations without destractions are rare for us, but they are amazing when they happen. It honestly gives me so much joy. I crave for them  every chance I get. 

I know that this is a really short chapter, but I hope you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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