I Finally Feel Like I Might Have A Shot With Her

Chapter 33

Niall's POV

 I'm happy that the lads apologized to me, it means a lot to me that they did. Though, Ariana probably tore their asses apart in order to encourage them to do so. For a such a small girl, she has a lot fire in her. I wouldn't be surprised if she can yell at someone to the point where they start to cry. Hopefully, I'll never have to witness that. It wouldn't be a pretty sight. Honestly Ariana deserves to be thanked for last night and this morning. I'm going to give her a call. I dial her number and she answers on the third ring.

 "Hey Niall. Are you doing okay?" "I'm doing fine Ariana. I'm having a me day to relax a bit before I face the lads tomorrow. Every now and then I like to be alone. Anyways, I called because I wanted to thank for this night and this morning. I've never had anyone in my life who stands up for me as much as you do. I'm so lucky to have you in my life." She giggles a bit. "That's sweet Niall. You're my best friend Niall, I'd never let anyone make fun of you and get away with it.""

 "Niall, I forgot to tell you something...." A moment of silence washes over before either of us speaks again. "What did you forget to tell me Ariana?" She sighs. "I sort of threatened Zayn." "What'd you threaten him about?" "Well..... I told him that if he hurts you in way, shape, or form that I'm not walking down the aisle with him in a few weeks." My jaw drops. "Wow Ariana, that's pretty ballsy." "I know, but I meant it. I love Zayn, but you're just as important to me as he is." I can feel my heart beating faster each second. I'm literally trying so hard not to run around the room and do a happy dance.

 Zayn is my best friend and I shouldn't wish for him to have his heart broken, but I finally feel like I have a shot with Ariana. These next weeks of being her maid of honor are going to give me the opportunity to get even closer to her as well as getting to know some of her friends and family.  Overall, I'm pretty excited to see what direction things head in.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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