Chapter 22

Niall's POV

  Today was the best day I've had in awhile. I wish today never ended and that I could go back and repeat it ten times. I loved how tight Ariana hugged me when she first came out, I loved how she kept hugging me throught the day, and how she kissed me on the cheek before getting out of the car. I hope she didn't notice that I was fifty shades of red after that. Seriously, my face was on fire.

 Part of me is paranoid that Zayn saw the googly eyed way I looked at her as she walked up her driveway. I know that he probably didn't, but I can't help but feel like he did. I enter my house and plop down on the couch. My phone vibrates in my pocket. It shows an unread text for Ariana. I smile and read it. 

I don't mean to bother you because I know it's dinner time and you're probably busy eating supper. Anyways, I'll keep this short. I had an amazing time with you today Niall. Today was one of the best days I've had in weeks. Thank you for today. I hope we can hang out again soon. Love ya Nialler. :) <3 -Ariana

If only Ariana wasn't with Zayn, I could tell her how I feel. Why must I be in love with my best friend? Everyone knows that you shouldn't date your best friend because if you break up with each other, it's usually never the same afterwards. I told myself that months ago when I first started developing feelings for her, but my heart overoad my brain. Loves does that to a person. Brushing away my thoughts for a second, I text Ariana back.

I'm not busy at all. All I'm doing is sitting on the couch checking Twitter. I'm glad you had fun today. Make sure to let me know when you're free again so we can hang out again. By the way, I love ya too Ari. <3 :) -Nialler

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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