Twitter Be Like

Chapter 37

Niall's POV

 Every time I read a fan tweet about Ariana and Zayn's engagement, I get a little bit more depressed. I'm the maid of honor for my best friend's fiancee who I am madly in love with. It's going to be so damn hard not to leak out my feelings for, especially when I accompany her to dress fittings and see her in a wedding dress. She'll look like an angel and drool will be coming out my mouth. 

  But back to Twitter, I've seen at least ten thousand tweets in the last hour from fans wishing Ariana and Zayn well on their engagement. Even all of the lads have tweeted about it too. Of course you also have a few of jealous fangirls tweeting to Zayn that it should be them, which honestly amuses me. I may have to take a break from Twitter for a little while. Twitter is driving me over the brink. 

Ariana's POV

   Zayn has snapped at me since early this evening so that's pretty good. He fell asleep about an hour ago because he was pretty tired. I could tell when he came home that he was overexhausted. I've been replying to fan tweets. A lot of them are really sweet. The fans are amazing and we're blessed to have such great ones. They're always there for us and care about us on a personal level. Even though I haven't met all of them, I consider each and every one of them my friends. Also, reading all of these tweets is getting me more eager for the wedding.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary


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