Wedding Errands

Chapter 41

The next day.... in the evening

Zayn's POV

  Ariana and I.... and Niall are running some errands for the wedding after a long day of meet and greets. The meet and greets were fun, but they wore me out. Five hours of meeting fans has that effect on most celebrities. Now it's time to pick out the wedding cake. Wishe me luck to get through this difficult decision making process.

   Ariana comes running up to me with two cakes. "Zayn, we should have a red violet cake or lemon cream. These two flavors are amazing. You should taste them." I taste a piece of both. The red violet one is amazing and the lemon cream cake one is okay, but could be better. "I say we should go with red violet. What do you think Niall?" Niall steps forward and tries a piece. An "Mhmmmmm" escapes from his mouth. "Go with the red violet. It's literally cake heaven." We get the red violet cake and head to Gildoli's, the Italian restaurant we chose to cater the wedding.

20 minutes later.....

We arrive at Gildoli's. Luckily, Ariana and I already picked the food out ahead of time so we just have to confirm our order, which will only take a few minutes. There is a short older man at the counter named Sal. "Hi there. How much I help you?" Ariana steps up from behind me. "Hi, I talked to you oer the phone a couple days ago regarding catering for our wedding in a few weeks. We just wanted to confirm that our order to good to go." He checks the computer. "Zayn and Ariana Malik?" I nod. "Your order is all set to go. We'll see you on your special day." Ariana and I thank him and make our way back to the car. 

 Niall wanted to stay in the car because it would only take a few minutes. I check my watch and only ten minutes has passed since we got here. Ariana and I get in the car and make our way home, dropping Niall off on the way.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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