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Miss Grande (GxG) [Ariana/You] by WeAreAca-Awesome
Miss Grande (GxG) [Ariana/You]by R E D U S L.
An innocent teenager has a major crush on a very venomous Math teacher, will she act upon it or just let it pass by?
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Queen A by roxktsas
Queen Aby Arih2gkmo
Ariana is the Regina George of Stanford University she's broken half of the boys on campus hearts but holds a a crazy secret and you aren't as popular you have your grou...
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Bloodline (Ariana/You) by SheCallsMeMoonlight
Bloodline (Ariana/You)by Ariana's Bitch
Being Courtney Chipolone's sister has its benefits, like knowing Ariana Grande...who may have the biggest crush on Y/n. Y/n g!p - #1 arianagrande #1 ariana #1 grande
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The Boss || j.b || COMPLETED || by elsneedy
The Boss || j.b || COMPLETED ||by elle.
Read inside for description. THIS BOOK IS COMPLETED !! ♡
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Lauren Jauregui Imagines C: by choerryam
Lauren Jauregui Imagines C:by Madasyne
Just short Lauren imagines. I will make as much as possible c:
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Quarantine 🖤 Ariana and Dalton by aglover98
Quarantine 🖤 Ariana and Daltonby Aglover98
Ariana and Daltons relationship through Quarantine.
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Words are not enough by sweetenersrings
Words are not enoughby Ariana‘s bitch💍
*BxG* After 7 months in which Ariana had the most difficult time in her life because she broke up with Pete. But one day she met a boy who changed her life. #1 - ariana
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Miss Grande by SavSlayton
Miss Grandeby Sav
Y/n is an 18 year old student at Lincoln High. She is finally a senior. Her only goal this year is stay focused on her grades and soccer. What will happen when she sees...
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Roadie [A.G.] by picklejuic
Roadie [A.G.]by pickle juice
The last thing she needs is spontaneity. Naturally, she's thrown into arguably the most spontaneous situation in the world. But maybe, just maybe, it isn't such a bad...
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𝗣𝗔𝗣𝗘𝗥 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗦 ━ ❪ JEFF WITTEK ❫ by dovegrande
・ 。゚☆ 𝗣𝗔𝗣𝗘𝗥 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗦 ❪ 𝙹𝙴𝙵𝙵 𝚆𝙸𝚃𝚃𝙴𝙺 ❫ ❛ here's my paper heart, won't you hold it ❜ ⤷ in which john stamos' daughter is a me...
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thank u, next ⇢ t.holland [2] by _petrovaaa
thank u, next ⇢ t.holland [2]by petrova
the one where she's grateful for her ex, all except one. {book 2 in the t.h x a.g (o.c) series.} [tom holland]
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Adopted by Ariana Grande by morearigrandie
Adopted by Ariana Grandeby morearigrandie
I've never been one of those girls that have a bunch of friends that goes to Starbucks or the mall together. I've never even had a home since my parents decided they cou...
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Celebrity Imagines  by Captain_smile
Celebrity Imagines by Captain_smile
Imagines with some of the world's most gorgeous women.🥵 G!P WARNING ⚠️ P.S. I'm fairly new at writing so read at your own risk! 😄
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never be yours A.G X READER  by fukmeemoboii
never be yours A.G X READER by $b
Cause baby you're dead to me, why can't I be dead to you? g!p read >:)
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It's in the way she moves ( Ariana/you ) by Camrenansnorminah
It's in the way she moves ( Camrenansnormimah
Ariana grande is starting her sweetener world tour and is in need of a few dancers , what happens when she falls for one ? Y/n is a dancer and is recruited by a well kno...
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Peace •  Social Media  by tvdfoflife
Peace • Social Media by Gucci Vampire ♡
A new girl on team 10 what could go wrong....everything
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The RoomMate (Camren) by endlessuniverses
The RoomMate (Camren)by endlessuniverses
Camila is living alone in New York and puts out a flyer for a new roommate... that's when Lauren comes into the equation. Recently out of a relationship, will the simple...
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DIVINE || tom holland [1] by needyparker
DIVINE || tom holland [1]by kat
in which an actor falls for his co-stars best friend, who also happens to be his other co-stars daughter. [social media] [tom holland x female oc] [mature language]
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moonlight (chris evans) by stanswhore
moonlight (chris evans)by jm
the one where captain america meets pop princess ariana grande as ariana grande chris evans as chris evans social media book
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Just Some Fun ~ Jemi by Lovatic-02
Just Some Fun ~ Jemiby 🌈Survivor🌈
"This is just some fun. I promise"
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