Busy, Busy 

Chapter 18

Ariana's POV

 Niall is honestly so lucky that he has both today and tomorrow off. I only have tomorrow off and I'd love to be him right now. Niall's probably just sitting on his couch eating some good fried chicken while I have a meeting with management and a photoshoot for Teen Vogue. The photoshoot will be fun, but the meeting with management is going to be long and boring. I bet you that I'll fall asleep halfway through it. 

 4 hours later...

  The never ending meeting with management finally ended. I thought it was going to last forever. Most of it consisted of getting to know Rixton a bit more, which was cool, but the rest of it was snoozeville. The boys of Rixton are just so chill that I can already see us having a good friendship while on tour and hopefully after it ends too. They played a couple of their songs, including  Me and My Broken Heart, which is by far my favorite of theirs. It's just so darn catchy. Enough remenissing about the meeting, it's time to get to the photoshoot.

 The photoshoot is Montebello, which is about twenty fives minutes from L.A. Montebello is a cute little town by the sea, which makes it a good location for a photo shoot. There is a little traffic,  but I manage to arrive in Montebello within thirty five minutes. I know I'm ten minutes late, but I can't help traffic. I grab my makeup bag, keys, and phone and dash to the group of people gathered around cameras and such. 

  "Hi everyone, I'm sorry that I'm late. There was a little bit of traffic getting here, but late is better than never." They smile and laugh. "It's okay Ariana. We know how much of a nightmare California traffic can be. Anyways, it's time to have some fun. Are you ready to look fabulous?" I laugh. "I'm ready. Bring it on." 

   A petite middle aged woman named Lauren does my makeup and hair. She sure has a knack for her craft because she knows what she's doing. A man named Max picks out my clothes for the shoot. He picks out a couple of cute floral print dresses, some tank tops and shorts, sandals, and heels. I have to change several times throughout the shoot, but I don't mind because they people doing the photoshoot are honestly so sweet. I wish more people who worked in this industry were as nice as they are. 

    2 hours later...

 The photoshoot is finally over and I'm free to head back to L.A. I say goodbye to everyone and tell them that I'm looking forward to reading next month's issue of Teen Vogue to see how the photo shoot came out. I think it went well and hopefully the fans will think so as well.

Hoped that you guys liekd this chapter. :) -Mary

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