Keep Them Hidden

Chapter 14

Niall's POV 

It's almost Tuesday, which means only two more days until I get to spend the afternoon with Ariana. I've been waiting for this day for almost a week. I even wrote it down on my calender so I don't forget. So much has been on my mind lately that it wouldn't surprise me if I forget to do something or if someone would have to remind me about an event several times before it  finally clicked into my brain. 

That's what happens when you have strong feelings for someone. The feelings you have for the person take over your mind and you can't think straight. You tend to forget things, lose your concentration on tasks, and you think about that person almost every second of the day. I really need to make sure I don't make it obvious to Ariana that I have a crush on her. I have no idea how she would react if she found out about my feelings for right now, especially right before she's about to get proposed to by Zayn. 

 I've hid them well for the past six months. Hell, I could probably hide them for another six months. I'm going to tell Ariana at some point, but not right now. Right now would be the worse time to tell her.

I know that this chapter is really short, but it's a filler chapter. Anyways, I hoped that you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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