Tired Of Silence

Chapter 34

Ariana's POV

 I'm happy that Niall is feeling a little bit better. I mean I know that he's still trying to get over things, but he sounded much more cheerful on the phone than when I brought the boys over this morning to his house. Zayn on the other hand, is the complete opposite right now. He's silent, depressed, and mopping. Zayn has barely looked at me this evening. I know what I did was right, but I'm starting to feel bad for saying what I said. Tired of the silence, I decide that I'm going to talk to Zayn and make him listen to me.

 "Zayn, I know you're still upset about what I said earlier this evening, but I meant it. You can't treat people like that, especially those are sensitive like Niall. Comments like the ones you made are enough to send someone on the verge of depression or even worse, suicide. You and I  both know that Niall has had a past of cutting himself when he's sad. We don't want history to repeat itself." 

   Zayn sighs. "As much as I don't want to admit it, every word of what you said to me was true. I was an asshole last night along with Harry, Louis, and Liam. We were stupid to make fun of one of our own just because he was doing something kind to make you happy. I'm so sorry Ariana." I pull Zayn towards me. "I forgive you Zayn, but don't do it again. Next time, the consequences will be much worse."

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