A Day With Niall

Chapter 49

Ariana's POV

 My wedding is tomorrow and I have mixed feelings. Zayn lashed out at me last night and didn't even apologize. I wanted to talk to him today, but I can't because it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride the night before the wedding. I'm going to brush off these feelings and spend time with Niall.  I decide to call him to make sure he's free for the day. I dial his number and he picks up on the second ring. 

  "Hey Ariana." "Hi Niall. Are you busy today?" "Not at all. What'd you want to do?" "I want to spend the day with you. We can go out to eat, go for a walk, see a movie, or anything else you feel like doing. We can talk about it more once you get here." "Okay sounds good. I'll be there in 15 minutes. See you soon." We exchange goodbyes and I hang up. 

  15 minutes later...

Niall pulls up exactly on time like usual. He greets me with a warm smile and giant hug. "Ariana, since your big day is tomorrow, you get to decide what we get to do today. I want you to have a good day today as well as tomorrow." I giggle. "Well then, I think we should have lunch at Wendy's and then go for a walk on the beach." He pats my knee. "Alright then. Let's roll." 

 We go through the drive thru at Wendy's because we don't want give ourselves unwanted attention. Niall orders himself two spicy chicken sandwiches, a medium fry, and a large lemonade while I decide on a large chili with cheese, a small fry, and a medium strawberry lemonade. All it takes is for us to take one bite into our food and we're both smitten. 

  "Man this food is amazing. I think it's my true love." Niall says while chomping on a spicy chicken sandwich. I laugh. "Niall, chew with your mouth closed please." He laughs. "Sorry Ariana. I can't help it. Food is just so good." I raise my hands up in a surrendering motion. "I can't argue with that." 

20 minutes later...

 Niall and I finish our food and head to the beach, which is only a minute down the road surprisingly. He finds us a meter and puts enough money into it to give us at least three hours on the beach. I take a couple of beach towels out of the trunk for us to sit down on. Trust me, no one enjoys getting sand in the wrong places. 

 "So Ariana, you must be excited for tomorrow?" I frown a bit. "Honestly, I'm not sure that I am Niall." Worry washes over his face. "Is everything okay?" "I don't know Niall. Zayn flipped out on me and insulted me. He's never insulted me before. He's been so damn paranoid about everything lately. I wanted to talk to him about last night today, but as you know it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride the day before the wedding." 

  Niall stiffles a nervous laugh. "It's funny that you mention that." I raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" "Zayn came over to my place last night and threatened me. He said he wouldn't hesitate to beat the shit out of me if he had to." I gasp. "That's horrible. I don't know the hell has gotten into him lately. The past month he's been getting meaner and meaner. It makes me wonder if I want to spend the rest of my life committed to a guy like that."

  "What are trying to say Ariana?" "I think I'm trying to say that if Zayn acts like that at the wedding, then I won't allow myself to be handed off to him. If he's as violent as you tell that he is, then I'm not going to put myself into a situation where he would do that to me as well. I know you never lie Niall.  I trust more you than I trust most people." 

 A small smile forms on Niall's face. "I just want you to know that I would never let anyone hurt you, emotionally or physically. I would throw myself in front of a bus just to know that you would live to see the sunrise the next day." Tears form in my eyes. "That's honestly the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." I hug him at full force and we stay where we are, enjoying each other's embrace. If I didn't know any better, I would say that over these past few weeks, I have indeed developed some feelings for Niall.

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