Do You Think That She'll Say Yes?

Chapter 10

Liam's POV

  Zayn and I are having a sleepover and we've been having blast. We just got done watching 21 and 22 Jump Street back to back. It's already 3 am, but I'm not ready to go to sleep yet. I don't know about Zayn though. One minute he looks like he's about to pass out for the night and the next he's like energizer bunny. 

  "Hey Zayn. Are you tired?" He gives me a look of confusion. "No why?" "Well you look tired." He rolls his eyes. "I'm not tired. I would tell if I was, but I'm not." I raise my hands in defeat. "Okay, okay you're not tired. Do you want to watch another movie or nah?" "Nah. I was thinking we could talk for a bit." "Alright. What do you talk about?" "Me proposing to Ariana." "Go for it mate. I'm all ears."

    "Liam do you think Ariana will say yes? I'm scared that she won't because I feel like she could do so much better than me." I grab Zayn's shoulders and get him to face me. "Listen to me Zayn. You're amazing, smart, funny, talented, and kind. Ariana loves you. I can tell by the way that she looks at you whenever she's around you. Stop doubting yourself because I know that she will say yes." A smile slowly forms across Zayn's face. "Thank you Liam. I needed that confidence booster. Now I think I'm going to head to bed because all of the sudden I've started to get tired. Night Liam." "Okay Zayn. Good night." Zayn and I head to bed and call it a night.

I know that this chapter was really short, but I hope you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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