Grilled With Questions

Chapter 23

Ariana's POV

 Zayn's been grilling me with questions all evening about my day with Niall. I swear I've answered like 200 already. He's about to open his mouth to ask some more, but I put a finger to his lips to silence him. "Zayn I love you, but you're starting to get on my nerves. I've already told you everything that happened today. If you don't stop asking me questions, I'm going to sleep on the couch tonight." He sighs. "I'm sorry Ariana. I just wanted to know about your day. I care about what goes on your life and I enjoy hearing about it."

 I sigh. "I appreciate that more than you can imagine babe, but I'm tired and want to sleep. Are you done asking questions for tonight?" He nods. "Good. Now I'm going to sleep and hopefully you'll do the same. Good night baby and I love you." He pecks me on the lips. "Good night babe and I love you too." I shut the lights off. Exhaustion hits both of us quite hard and we're asleep within minutes. 

This chapter is really short because it's basically a filler chapter. Hoped you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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