Marry Me

Chapter 73

A few months later...

Ariana's POV

Niall has been talking about this dinner that we're at right now for two months. He said it's a big deal because he has a surprise for me after we eat. In case you were wondering, we're eating at Franco's Eatery, which is a cute little Greek restaurant right on a small lake. It's very romantic.

Niall has ordered us both the chef's special. I wanted to order for myself, but he convinced me that it would be more enjoyable to not know what I ordered until the waiter brings it to us.

The waiter shortly brings over roasted chicken dipped with peri peri sauce. It looks absolutely delicious. Niall sure made a good call on going with the chef's special. Now a lot of you are probably saying "Oh chicken with peri peri sauce dosen't seem Greek", but this Greek restaurant serves it so ha.

Niall's POV

As each minute passes by, my anxiety builds up even more. After dinner, I plan on taking Ariana for a walk under the stars and proposing to her. The owner of the restaurant is aware of my plans so he's letting me stay a little later than normal business hours.

I swear I've fixed my tie like twenty times in the last five minutes. Ariana keeps giving me looks of concern. "Are you okay Niall?", she keeps asking. I keep replying with "I'm fine babe. I'm just excited for what I have planned for us after dinner."

After dinner...

Ariana and I are taking a walk on a beach trail not too far of from the restaurant. The stars are shining and the moon is lighting up the night. It's the perfect place for me to propose to Ariana.

"Ariana, I need you to close your eyes for a minute." She follows my instructions and closes her eyes. I guide her over to a gazebo at the end of the trail where Harry, Louis, Liam, and Frankie are standing in. They give me a thumbs up and I give one back.

"You can open your eyes now babe." She opens her eyes and smiles. "Niall this is lovely, but what's going on?" I put a finger to her lips to prevent her from talking anymore. "Take a seat darling, there's something I need to ask you." She sits down next to where Harry is standing. Harry nods and I begin to speak.

"Ariana, the day I met you was the most amazing day of my life. It's hard to believe how close we've come these past few years. I never would have imagined you falling in love with me. When you said yes, it felt like I was in a dream. You have know idea how much joy ran through me when we walked out of the church hand in hand. I want you to be by my side for the rest of my life."

I get down on one knee. I look up at Ariana to see that tears are forming in her eyes. I pull out a ring. "Ariana Grande-Butera, will you marry me?" She smiles a big smile. "Yes, yes, yes! I will marry you Niall James Horan. There is nothing else that would make me happier." I lift her up into my arms and kiss her passionately. "There is nothing that would make me happier either babe."

The lads and Frankie all are clapping and jumping up and down. Frankie is squealing about he can't wait until our fans see the video of the proposal. Harry and Liam are nothing but smiles, while Louis keeps shouting "You two are so cute together it's disgusting!" Ariana and I both laugh at that and begin to kiss each other once again.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary


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