We Will Last

Chapter 70

Niall's POV

Ariana and I are currently taking a stroll through the woods. It's a nice day and the sun is shining. It's not too hot but it's not too cold, it's just right. The birds are singing their songs and the leaves are blowing ever so slightly in the wind. I don't think we could have chosen a better day to do this than today.

We stroll along slowly hand in hand in silence. The silence isn't a bad one, but a peaceful one. It's one of those periods of silence that makes you see the good in the world.

"Ariana can I ask you a question?" She raises an eyebrow. "You may." "If we got married one day, do you think it would last forever?" "Of course I do Niall. We're not your parents. Every marriage is different from one another and I know for a fact that we will last."

I sigh. "I know that our relationship is different from theirs, but I just have this fear in the back of my mind that I'm not good enough for you." She squeezes my hand. "You're more than good enough for me, you're perfect for me Niall. I don't know how you don't see that." I cup her kiss and kiss her forehead. "I have you to show me how darling."

"Darling?" "I'm sorry Ariana. Do you not like me calling you darling?" She tries to hide a smile. "I don't like it." I pout at her and she laughs. "I love it. I absolutely love it."

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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