Free For A Week

Chapter 64

Ariana's POV

Being home again is the best feeling in the world. It's so nice finally spend more than ten minutes sitting down and not having to travel constantly. Luckily, I have the next week off to relax and so does Niall. A week of laziness sounds great to me.

I get to watch Netflix all day, hang out with my family, and spend quality time with Niall. Niall's pretty happy about the break too. He said he has a nice dinner planned for us Sunday night. I tried to get the location of it out of him, but he wouldn't budge.

Honestly, I hope it's at Olive Garden. It's one of my favorite restaurants besides Bucca Di Beppo and In-N- Out Burger. I'm a die hard fan of their Northern and Southern Tours of Italy. Plus, their Zuppa Tuscana soup is out of this world. Niall likes their Cheese Ravioli and Chicken Gnocchi soup. Hopefully, my wish will come true and Olive Garden will be the nice dinner for Sunday night.

I know that this chapter was really short, but it was basically just a filler chapter. I hope you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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