From Bad To Good

Chapter 4

Niall's POV

  On the outside I'm happy for Zayn, but on the inside, I am anything but. I'm trying so hard not to lose my shit right now. Anger boils through me and sorrow fills my soul. Knowing that the girl I care about most is about to be taken from me and I don't have much time to win her over. As much as I want to keep faking smiles for Zayn tonight, I just want to go home for the night and be alone with my thoughts. I make my way over to Zayn. "Hey Zayn, I think I'm going to head home for the night. I'll see you tomorrow mate." "Alright Niall. Good night." "Good night Zayn" I say and make my way out to my car. I get in my car and drive back to my house, which is five minutes away. 

5 minutes later...

I pull into my driveway and make my way into my house. I plop down on the couch and immediately look at a few pics of Ariana and I over on the coffee table. Tears block my vision and before you know it, I'm crying. I normally don't cry over many people, but I cry over her almost daily. It's such a horrible feeling knowing that the one person you love most is out of your reach. I just need to find a way to get even closer to her over the next weeks between before she leaves with Zayn next weekend and the wedding. I decide to pull out my phone and text Ariana. 

Hey Ariana. It's Niall. We haven't talked in about a week and I miss you best friend. Are you free to hang out anytime over the course of the next few days? -Niall

My phone goes off a minute later.

Hey best friend. :) I miss you too. I'm free to hang out Thursday (five days from now). Does that sound good?-Ariana

I text back:

That sounds great. Want to go In N Out Burger fo Lunch? -Niall


That sounds good Niall. I got to go now, but I'll text you tomorrow. Good night. :) -Ariana

Good night Ariana :) -Niall

I shut off my phone and go to charge because it's about to die. While I do so, I jump up and down and squeal in the process. The fact that I get to hang out with Ariana one on one is going to be amazing. I haven't hung out with Ariana alone in ages so I'm going to cherish each moment. 

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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