Grocery Shopping

Chapter 19

Zayn's POV

 It was so weird having the day off today when Ariana didn't. She's off tomorrow though and gets to spend some time with Niall, which is nice. I can tell Niall misses spending time with her and he deserves to see her. I get to see her everyday, but he barely sees her anymore and I feel bad. While Niall and Ariana hang out tomorrow, I'm going to go shopping with Harry. Harry and I wanted Liam and Louis to come along, but they both already promised their girlfriends that they would spend the day with them. 

 Anyways, Ariana and I are currently grocery shopping at a local Stop and Shop. We were low on food and need to restock. So far we have mac and cheese, pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, popcorn, pretzels, pizza, chicken cutlets, pads, paper towels, plates, napkins, and ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Rainbow Sherbert). "Ariana do we need anything else?" "Yes we do. We need to get pickles, grape juice, and tea." We make our way down the aisles with the full shopping cart and get pickles, grace juice, and tea. Then, we head to the self check out and cash out. The total comes to $50.00. Not bad considering all of the things that we bought. 

  I help Ariana gets the groceries into the trunk before getting in the car. It only takes a couple minutes to do this. Ariana and I then get in my car and head back to the place her and I love most, home. 

I know that this chapter was really short, but it was sort of a filler chapter. Anyways, hope you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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