2 years later...

Ariana's POV

Ever since Niall and I got married our lives have gotten nothing but better. Our success in our music has reached an all time high. Management even approved of One Direction and I doing a collaboration tour. This won't be until after the twins get a little bit older.

I gave birth to two beautiful baby girls named Amelia and Coraline five months ago. It was the best day of Niall and I's lives, other than our wedding of course. Amelia and Coraline both have Niall gorgeous baby blue eyes, but they have my brunette locks. Everyday, I can't help but admire the beautiful human beings Niall and I created through expressing our love for one another.

Enough about Niall and I, I know you probably want to know what's being going on with the rest of the boys, Frankie, and maybe Zayn. That's exactly wha I'm going to fill you in on right now.

Harry is still singing with One Direction, but is now producing upcoming artists on the side. He also writes songs for other artists. I've seen some of his original songs and they're quite amazing.

Louis recently proposed to his long time girlfriend Eleanor. I'm really happy for them because they are so adorable together. Also, Eleanor is a total sweetheart.

Liam picked up his side of hobby of being a DJ again. He hosts a lot of parties in downtown L.A. when he's not in the recording studio or on tour with the boys.

 Frankie recently got a boyfriend. His boyfriend's name is Matt and he's a really nice guy. Niall and I went out on a double date with him a few weeks ago. It went really well and I hope that Matt and Frankie last. I think it will because I can tell that Matt really cares about Frankie.

As for Zayn, he's in prison. He got arrested about two months ago for committing third degree murder against a 19 year old girl named Katie Matterson. I went to the girl's funeral and meet her family. It's such a shame that a girl as young as her had her life cut short by an evil man like him.

So that's basically all there is to tell. I've filled you in on everyone that you probably wanted to know the latest on. Niall and I thank for the support that you give us day in and day out. We love you all. Stay fabulous.

I hoped that you guys enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned for future fanfics and stories. :) -Mary

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