Will You Be My Maid Of Honor?

Chapter 29

Niall's POV

 Ariana and Zayn just got back from New York City a couple of hours ago, but they're at my house at the moment along with the rest of the lads. We've just been listening to Zayn and Ariana go on and on about their weekend in New York City. Part of me is happy for the them, but the other part of me is pucking in my mouth as well as fighting the urge to roll my eyes. 

 I'm about to get up to go use the bathroom when someone taps my shoulder lightly. I turn around and see that it's Ariana. She flares me one of her beautiful smiles and bats her long, pretty eyelashes. "Niall, could I spare you for a few minutes?" I nod and she drags me off into my guest bedroom.  I shut the door and we sit down on the bed. 

  "As you're probably aware Niall, Zayn and I are getting married in a few weeks." I nod. "As you know at every wedding, they have the best man, ring bearer, and bridemaids. Now I know bridemaids are normally all girls, but I was wondering..... if you would be my maid of honor." A nervous laugh escapes from my mouth. "Sure Ariana. That sounds wonderful." She hugs me. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." "You're welcome Ariana. Now let's head back downstairs before someone gets suspcisious." We head back downstairs and I can't help but think "What the hell did I just agree to do."

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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