I Need To Win Her Heart

Chapter 39

Niall's POV

 Though having to see Clarissa again wasn't very pleasant, today was pretty great overall. I got to know Iggy and Jamie a little bit, which was cool. Iggy and Jaime are much nicer than Clarissa, who's personality is more sour than a lemon. Also, I got to have a nice dinner with Ariana. We're starting to spend the quality time with one another that I've missed. It's like my prayers are being answered because I get to spend just about everyday of the next month with her, which hopefully will be enough time to win her over, romantically speaking of course.

 I really hope this next month goes by slow, that way I can enjoy each second I get to spend by Ariana's side. My plan is not to betray Zayn, but to have her fall for me. That way, Zayn can't blame me entirely for her wanting to be with me. I know it sounds devious, but it's pretty much my best option. Operation win Ariana's heart is now on course.

I know that this chapter was really short, but it was basically a filler chapter. I hoped you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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