She Tweeted It Out Too Soon

Chapter 35

The next day...

Zayn's POV

 The lads and I are doing some press for our upcoming album. We need to promote it a bit and make sure the fans are aware that we have new music coming out soon. So far we've done two interviews and our final one for the day is starting right now.  All of us make our way to the stage and take our sits across the person interviewing us, who happens to be a young woman named Danica. 

  Danica greets us all with big hugs and smiles. "Let's give a big welcome to One Direction." The audience cheers loudly. "So boys, the fans are dying to know some deets about your new album, what can you tell us about it?" Niall is the first one to speak. "Well, we have fourteen songs recorded and ready to go for it. A lot of the songs revolve around love, life, and personal growth, like they usually are." "That sounds great Niall. Harry, can you tell us if any of the songs on the album are about anyone specific?"

    Harry laughs. "If you mean are there any songs about Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner on the album, then no there aren't." Danica nods and turns to me. "Zayn, I know this dosen't have anything to do with the upcoming album, but I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement with Ariana Grande." I immediately tense up a bit. "Thank you Danica, but how did you know about it?" She shows me her phone. "Ariana tweeted about it a few hours ago." I look at Ariana's most recent tweet and it is indeed a tweet about our engagement.

       "I wanted to keep the engagement private for a little bit longer before it got out, but I guess it's too late for that. The fans were going to know soon enough, but I wanted to wait a few more days before tweeting about it. It's okay though." The interview ends shortly after my mini freakout. The lads and I head home without exchanging as much as a word between each other.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary



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