We're Sorry

Chapter 32

The next day...

Liam's POV

  Ariana practically dragged us all by the ear to Niall's place. Honestly, she has every right to. Normally, I'm able to keep everyone in check, but I myself got wrapped up in stupid acts that hurt one of my best friends. Niall deserves apologies from all of us. Harry knocks on the door. "One moment" Niall shouts through the door. A moment later, he opens the door and glares at us immediately. "For the love of god, what do you guys want? Didn't you make me feel shitty enough last night? Did you want to start round two?"

    Zayn is the first one to speak up. "Niall, we came here to apologize. We were all acting like jerks last night. The things we said were hurtful and mean. Can you forgive us?" He sighs. "I forgive you, but I think I need another day to myself. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow okay. Thank you for stopping by though." We all nod and make our way back to Ariana's car. The ride home is eerily silent as Ariana drops us back to our places one by one. First Louis, then Harry, and finally me. Man, I'm thankful that I'm not Zayn right now. He's going to have another night from hell. 

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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