Chapter 26

Ariana's POV

 That was hands down one of the weirdest things that Zayn has ever said to me. Niall having a crush one me, that's ridicious. Niall and I are best friends, nothing more and nothing less. Zayn dosen't need to worry about me leaving him for another guy, especially Niall. I love Zayn too much to do that. Zayn and I currently on a plane heading to New York City for our getaway this weekend, which should help to take our minds off of a lot of things, including Zayn's suspicions about Niall. 

Zayn's POV

 I'm both excited and nervous for Ariana and I's getaway. I'm excited that I get some alone time with Ariana away from mobs of fans and paparazzi, but I'm nervous because part of me feels like she won't say yes to marrying me. I know my suspicions about Niall probably aren't true, but I can't help it. Niall is a far better man than I'll ever be. He never treats anyone badly, watches out for others, kind, smart, funny, and insanely talented. How on earth can I compete with that? Well, hopefully I won't have to because if I do, I know he'll win her over in the end. Losing Ariana would shatter my heart into a million pieces.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. I'm sorry it's so short, but it's a filler chapter. Also, I'm sorry for not updating in over a week, but I've been on vacation at DisneyWorld for the past few days and only just got back to school today. I'll try to get back to updating more frequently. :) -Mary

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