Chapter 50

Zayn's POV

The Wedding

 Today is the biggest day of me life, other than the day I was born of course.  Today is the day where I'm going to become a married man. I fix my bow tie one last night. Harry slaps me on the back. "Are you nervous mate?" "Big time, but I'm also excited." He gives me the famous Harry Styles grin. "It wouldn't be normal if you weren't." 

  The doors open to reveal Ariana walking down the aisle arm in arm with her dad. She has a veil covering her face and her dress is flowing all the way down the aisle. The sight of her takes my breath away. She always looks beautiful, but right now, in this exact moment, she is simply stunning. As her dad brings her up the stairs, he puts his hands in my mine. I mouth "Thank you" to him and he smiles. Together, we face the minister. 

   He starts to read from his script. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to witness the marriage of Zayn Javed Malik and Ariana Grande-Butera. Let us bestow our best wishes to them as they journey into becoming husband and wife. Now, if you two would read your wedding vows to one another please. "I'll go first." 

   "It feels like  just yesterday since I started dating you. The day that was the best day of my life, other than today. Today actually tops that day by a little. As each day went day, I fell more and more in love with you. You make me feel things that no one else has ever me feel. I know I am flawed, but you have helped me to become a better man. You gave me the courage to be honest and brave. I promise give you everything I can and make you as happy as you can possibly be. I love you Ariana Grande." 

    Tears from in her eyes. The minister says "It's your turn Ariana." She nods and begins reading her vows. "Zayn, being with you has made me so happy. You've been the light in my darkness. You've been there countless times when no one else and I thank you for that. I care about you deeply. I just want you to know that." I smile. Hearing those words come out her mouth makes me estatic. 

     The minister smiles at us. "Those were lovely vows. Now it is time for you to place one another's rings on each others fingers. I place Ariana's ring on her finger and she places hers on my mine.  The minister's voice echos through the church "Now if there is one anyone who objects to the marriage of Zayn and Ariana, speak now or forever hold your peace." 

  Niall's POV

    This is it. It's now or never, which means it's now.  I stand up from my seat. Everyone around me gasps, including the rest of the lads and Ariana's family. "I love you Ariana. I love everything about you. I love your eyes, your laugh, your smile, and so much more. You are the sweet morning that plays in my head when I wake up, you are the dream I long to have, and you are the definition of perfection. I know that is probably the worst time to admit my feelings for you, but I was scared. I was scared that by telling you that I love you, you'd run the other way and never look back. Even if you say no, I just want you to know that I'll spend every second of the rest of my life wishing that you were mine."

    Zayn shoots me the biggest death glare. I know for certain he's going to kill me, but I don't care. I needed to say what I did. Ariana stares at me in shock with her jaw dropped to the floor. Zayn grabs a hold of her and turns her back towards him. He starts shouting at her. "Did you plan for this to happen because I had a bad feeling in my gut all night that this was going to happen and now it is. I hope you're happy Ariana because now you have to choose." All of the color washes out of her face. 

   I walk up the aisle and stand right next to Ariana. I squeeze a hold of her hand. She squeezes my hand back to my surprise. Several moments of silence before she speaks up. "Zayn, I love you dearly, but this past month, I've started to fall out of love with you. You've been nothing but nasty to me and I don't deserve to be treated like that." I stare in complete shock as she takes her wedding ring off and places it in the palm of his hand. "You're a wondeful man Zayn, just not for me." 

    Zayn pushes me off the riser. I fall face first onto the hard wooden floor. Ariana gasps and helps me up. "Zayn you're out of line. Leave Niall alone. I love him." My jaw drops. "You love me?" She smiles one of her perfect smiles at me. "Of course I do. I just don't know it took me so long to release it. Please forgive me Niall." I hug her. "You are forgiven. Now let's blow this joint." Ariana and I walk out of the church hand in hand, without looking back at the chaos behind at us. Nothing can ruin the joy that's running through my veins because I finally got my girl. 

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