Chapter 9

Ariana's POV

  Zayn's spending the night at Liam's house tonight so I have to the house to myself which is nice. Don't get me wrong I love Zayn to death, but every now and then I like to be alone. What was nice about today was I had a day off. I was able to go shopping for a few new outfits and grab lunch at Starbucks afterwards. For once, the paparazzi didn't swarm me, which was a bonus. I had a few fans recognize me at Starbucks though. They were sweet though so I didn't mind taking a few pictures with them and signing autographs for them.

   Anyways, I'm in love with everything that I bought today. I got two pairs of combat boots, a pair of pink heels with little bows on them, a shirt that says #selfie, two pairs of yoga pants, a blue sweatshirt, and a pair of converse sneakers. I got to say, I think I did pretty well on my shopping adventure. 

  Boredom has been slowing washing over me for a couple of hours now so I decide to grab my phone off the counter and check my messages. It says I have no missed calls, but four unread text messages. One from my mom, one from Frankie, one from Zayn, and one from Niall. 

The text from my mom reads:

Hi hunny, it's your mother. I just wanted to check on you and see how you're doing. I miss you pumpkin. <3 Text or call me when you get the chance. -Mom

I reply to her message and upon the one from Frankie, which reads:

Hey my fabulous sister. I know I already texted you about this the other day, but I'd really like to see you soon. Let me know when I could come by for a visit. xoxo -Frankie

I respond to his text and on to Zayn's, which says:

Hey babe. I hope you're enjoying your me time. I left you some leftover pizza in the fridge incase you get hungry. You can it whenever you feel like doing so. I love you and I'll see you in the morning. If I don't get the chance to text you again tonight, I just want to say good night and sweet dreams my princess. <3 <3 <3 <3 -Zayn

I blush at that text and text him back. Finally, I open my last text, which is from Niall. It says:

Hey Ariana. I'm looking forward to Thursday. Make sure you get your eating game on because I know I am. ;) :D -Niall

A laugh escapes from my mouth. Oh Niall, you always know how to make me laugh. I feel blessed to have an awesome best friend like him as well as a boyfriend as perfect as Zayn. 

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Zayn

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