Celebration Dinner

Chapter 59

A few weeks later.....

Niall's POV


These past few weeks have been amazing. The band is getting by really well  without Zayn and Ariana is finally situated in my place. Zayn hasn't tried to come after any of us either so that's a bonus right there. Ariana goes on tour in a couple of weeks around the same time that One Direction does. We're trying to spend as much with each other as possible.

   Right now, Ariana and the lads are having dinner at Bucca Do Beppo to celebrate our upcoming tours. It took ages for us to agree on where we were going to eat, but then Louis suggested that we share giant bowls of spaghetti at Bucca di Beppo. Harry and Ariana we immediately on board with the idea. Eventually, Liam and I gave in.

   20 minutes later...

   Our spaghetti arrives and we dig in immediately. Louis  shoves his entire face into his place and we all laugh. "Louis, that's funny and all, but you do realize that there are other people here right?" He rolls his eyes. "People Sheple,Niall."

   The rest of the evening is pleasant. Simon even came by for a few minutes to congratulate all of us. He also took a very quick liking  to Ariana. I mean who wouldn't like Ariana. Ariana has the best personality. She's very outgoing, bubbly, and vibrant. A guy can't do better than that.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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