A Wonderful Day With Niall

Chapter 21

Ariana's POV

 I finish putting on my makeup when I hear a car honking outside. I smile to myself knowing that it's Niall. "Zayn, Niall's here. I love you babe and I'll see you later." He pecks me on the lips. "I love you too babe and I'm looking forward to it." I leave the house with my big purse in tow. Niall and I come face to face and both of us have wide smiles on our faces. 

  I practically throw myself on to Niall and he laughs. "God  I've missed you so much Niall." He wraps his arms around me in a warm hug. "I've missed too Ariana, quite a lot actually. We have a lot to catch up on, but luckily we have the whole day to do it." My stomach rumbles. "That sounds lovely, but can we eat first?" He raise an eyebrow and smirks. "You're already ready to try to beat me at eating? You're a persistent one aren't you?" I roll my eyes as Niall starts the car. We head to In N Out Burger.

20 minutes later...

Niall and I each have our food. Niall got two  cheeseburgers, a medium order of french fries, and a large Coke. I got a Bacon cheeseburger, a small order of onion rings, and a bottle of fruit punch. Both of us are eating at warp speed. I think I'm going to pay for it later, but right now it's worth it. I'm having such a time with Niall and I'm not going to let a little stomach ache ruin that for me. 

 Niall takes his last bite of his second cheeseburger as I finish up my fries. "Was it as good as you remember?" I nod with my mouth full of fries and he laughs. We make our way out of In N Out and head to a small beach that's right across the street. Niall and I jump over the sharp rocks and find a place to sit by the water. I spot a good one not too far from where we're standing. I gesture for him to follow me and he does. We then sit down and enjoy the L.A. sunshine. 

 "So Niall what's  been going on these past few months?" "Well, we just got back from our Where We Are tour a couple months ago. The lads and I have been in the studio constantly recording songs for the new album. Before you ask, we don't have a name for it yet unfortunately. On top of being in the studio constantly, we've been doing a lot of press and meet and greets with the fans. Also, my brother Greg got married last month so I got to visit my family in Mullingar, Ireland for a few days. It was amazing. I missed them so much and I'm lucky that I got the chance to visit with them, given the tight schedule that I run on."

 I smile. "That's wonderful Niall. I'm really happy things are going well for you." He smiles back. "Thank you Ariana. Now tell me, what's been going on in your life lately?" "Zayn and I are about to hit our one year anniversary on Saturday. Also, I've been doing a lot of press and doing meet and greets with the fans. The press I've been doing is for my upcoming Honeymoon tour, which kicks off Independence, Missouri in a few weeks. I get to perform at some cities I've never been to before. I think it will be to see some new places." He nods and smiles. "You've come so far Ariana. I'm so proud of you." He pulls me in for a hug and embrace the feels of his soft arms around me. To be honest, I love his hugs so much. I think I even love his hugs as much as Zayn. If I ever told Zayn that, he'd flip a cow. 

  Niall and I continue to talk for several hours on the beach until dusk. The sun begins to go down as we head back to his car and he drives me home. I roll down the windows and take in the cool night breeze. Before we know it, Niall's pulled up the driveway. He looks at me with sad eyes. In a low voice that's practically whisper, he says "Please don't go." I grab his hand and squeeze it. "I don't want to go, but I must. I had an awesome time with you today and I hope we can do this again soon." I kiss him on the cheek. " I love you Niall." He smiles a small smile. "I love you too Ariana. Have fun in New York City this weekend. Text me if you can." "You know I will!" I shout. He shouts back. "Good!" He gets in his car and drives back to his place and I enter mine. 

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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