Reflecting About Today

Chapter 40

Ariana's POV

 Overall, today went really well. I mean I had to pin Clarissa a couple times to make sure that she wouldn't strangle Niall, but other than that, things were swell. Zayn apparently had a good day too. He got to spend some times with the rest of the boys just hanging around and watching some movies. It's good for him to get a break ever now and then. Zayn works just as hard as I do and he deserves a day off from the pressures of fame.

 Now, Zayn and I are getting ready to call it a night. Tomorrow, Zayn and I both have meet and greets and then some errands to run for the wedding, which Niall is coming along with us because he is my maid of honor and gets a say in how things are going to go. Zayn was a little annoyed with the idea of Niall following us everywhere, but he'll get over it. Being that tough exterior, is nothing but a giant teddy bear. Give him a giant hug and you'll make his day.

I know that this a really short chapter, but I hope you guys liked it anyway. :) -Mary

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