Olive Garden = Happiness

Chapter 65

2 days later...Sunday...

Niall's POV

Right now, Ariana and I are heading to Olive Garden for a nice dinner. We've been through hell and back this past month, so it's only fair that her and I both treat ourselves to a nice meal that we both love.

Ariana and I both order our usual meals and wait until they come out. In the meantime, we pig out on breadsticks and soups, which by the way are to die for. If you're never been to Olive Garden, I seriously question your ways of living. Olive Garden is one of the greatest things to ever exist. It's like food heaven man.

 20 minutes later...

The food finally arrives. The waitress puts it in front of us and drool falls from my mouth. My mouth is watering and so is Ariana's. We look at each other, laugh, and start eating.

15 minutes later...

We devoured our meals. Ariana killed her Northern Tour of Italy as I did with my Cheese Ravoli. Now, we're getting dessert. Her and I both ordered Lemon Cream Cake because that's our favorite.

10 minutes later...

Along with our amazing dinner, our amazing cake is now devoured as well. People must think we're savages because we went through out food three times faster than the average person does. We pay the bill, tip the waitress, and make our way to the car. We then get in the car and drive home for a night of relaxation.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary


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