I'm Scared That I Might Lose You

Chapter 25

Niall's POV

Zayn kept watching me today. I could feel his eyes on me even when I wasn't looking at him. If I didn't know any better, I would think that he was doing it on purpose. Maybe he's starting to catch on to the fact that I have feelings for his girlfriend. Man, I really hope he's oblivious about it right now. The last thing I need is for Zayn to lash out at me or vice verse. Not only would a lash out like that possibly ruin our friendship, but it would make things difficult for Ariana. I wouldn't want to make life harder for Ariana, only better. 

Ariana's POV

 I'm just sitting on the couch reading when a distressed Zayn comes barging in. "Babe is everything okay?" I ask. He sighs. "No everything is not okay." I pat the seat next to me on the couch and Zayn sits down. I take his hands in mine. "What's wrong Zayn?" "I'll tell you, but you have to promise me that you won't think I'm jealous, insecure, or crazy okay?" I kiss him on the cheek. "I won't. Now tell me. He looks at me with sad eyes. "I'm scared that I might lose you to Niall."

  My jaw drops. Did Zayn really just say what I thought he said? "Zayn why on earth do you think that?" He sighs again. "I see the way he looks at you whenever he's around you. He looks at you like an overjoyed puppy with drool dipping out of his mouth. Plus every time one of the lads mentions you, he perks up instantly. It's pretty obvious to tell that he adores you." 

 "Zayn, I've been his best friend for two years and I've never noticed him having feelings for me. Besides you don't even know for sure if he does. Has he ever mentioned it to Harry, Louis, or Liam?" Zayn stratches his head. "Not that I know of." "Then don't worry about it right now. Only worry if you have to okay. You know that I love you and only you. Now, go get your luggage and I'll get mine because our flight leaves in three hours. We need to start heading to the airport so we can catch our flight." He nods and heads to get his luggage while I go grab mine quickly. Goodbye Los Angeles and hello New York City! 

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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