Chapter 72

Louis' POV

Although it's already been a few months, I'm still in shock about everything that has happened to us both inside and outside of the band. Ariana and Niall fell in love with each other, Zayn left the band, and we've all gotten closer since Zayn left. Part of me still misses Zayn, but after all of the evil things he did, I'm glad he's gone.

Sometimes you miss someone, but it doesn't necessarily mean you want them to be a part of your life. You tend to reflect on memories of you and that person frequently. It's all part of the healing process. In a few more months, Zayn will probably just be a figment of my imagination.

The most shocking thing of all of the chaos of a few months ago was finding out that Niall loved Ariana. I was a little hurt that he didn't the rest of the lads and I about it. He normally tells us everything, but it kept it a secret for so long. I'm happy for him though. Niall has been looking for love for awhile and he finally has someone who loves him for him, which is the best gift that anyone could have.

Niall's POV

I'm trying to work on my self confidence, but it's hard for me since I have a history of self harm and suicide attempts. I have made progress because although I get down a lot, I don't use a knife or bottles of pills to get me of my misery anymore.

Overtime, I know I'll become a better man. Ariana is the one reason that I'm doing better in the first place. If I didn't have her to motivate me, I'd probably be back into the dark place that I was in before.

I've been thinking about proposing to her soon, but I need to get over my mental fear of her leaving me. Ariana has been there for me every second of these past few months, which is more than anyone has ever done for me in my life. She is the reason why I've started to appreciate life more and what is has to offer.

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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