Chapter 13

Zayn's POV

 There is no better thing in the world than having Ariana in my arms. Whenever she's in my arms,  I know that she is safe and out of harms way. Not that there's anyone after her, but you never know. We've been just laying together in bed for about two hours now, enjoying the presence of each other. Occasionally, one of us gets up to use the bathroom, but other than that, we stay beside one another.

  Every time I look into Ariana's gorgeous brown eyes, I swear I fall more in love with her. God I wish it was Saturday night already so I can propose to her and make her mine forever. I can't imagine living my life without her. A life without Ariana beside me is not a life worth living. I promise I'm not suicidal. 

  "Hey Zayn?" I cup her face. "Yes Ariana?" She gives me one of her adorable pouts. "Could you make some of that good pasta I like? Pleeeeeeeassseeeeeee." I sigh, "Fine, only because you asked nicely. Well that and the fact that you're so adorable and I can't resist you." She jumps up and down and I laugh. It's cute when she embraces her inner child. It shows that she's comfortable around me. 

  Ariana's POV

  Zayn is making his famous pasta with cheese that I love dearly. I mean don't love it as much as I love him, but it is a close second. Zayn dosen't think he is a great cook, but he actually is. Along with great pasta, he can also make a mean chicken pot pie. 

10 minutes later...

 Zayn lays out a bowl of pasta for me. I eat a spoonful of it and a moan escapes from my mouth. "Is my pasta that good?" Zayn asks. I nod vigorously. "I'm glad that you like it that much Ariana. One of these days I'm going to have to make you another Chicken Pot Pie because I know you love those too." "You know it Zayn." We continue with light banter while I eat and then we head back upstairs to continue what we were doing before. No we didn't have sex for those of you who have dirty minds and make assumptions right off the bat.

Hoped that you liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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