Mum's The Word

Chapter 16

Zayn's POV

 My favorite part of the day is when Ariana comes home. Usually I don't get home until real late, but I actually beat her home today, which surprises me. I throw my stuff down and Ariana jumps into my arms, literally. "Zayn, I've missed you so much today. You've been on my mind all day baby." I peck her on the lips. "I've missed you too love. How did all of the interviews go?" She smiles. "They went great. Though there the one I had with Ellen was quite the interview." "How so babe?" "Well.... she asked me if you planned on proposing to me anytime soon." 

 Immediately I freeze up. God I hope she dosen't get suspicious and find out about my plans on proposing to her Saturday night. "That's interesting baby. Why did she ask you that?" She shrugs. "Honestly, I don't know. It came up out of the blue. One minute I was talking about my upcoming tour and the next, I was being grilled about being proposed to by you." I stiffle a nervous laugh. "Yeah." 

 Ariana's POV

 Zayn's acting a bit strange. As soon as I mentioned being asked about a possible future marriage proposal, Zayn got tense. I could tell because his posture changed and his laugh sounded like a nervous one. OMG maybe Zayn is planning on proposing to me soon. That explains his weird behavior. I hope he does because I would love to be the future Mrs. Ariana Malik. My first name with is last name sounds perfect to me. I need to talk to someone about this, but who? Wait a minute.... I should talk to Liam about this. He's great at giving advice and problem solving. I pull out my phone and text him:

Hey Liam, it's Ariana. I'm in need of your wise ways and advice. Will you help me sensai? -Ariana

My phone goes off seconds later.

Yes young pupil I will help you. Now what's the situation?- Liam


The problem is I think Zayn is planning on proposing to me soon. He didn't say it directly, but I can tell that might because he's been acting funny ever since I mentioned it. I only mentioned because Ellen asked me about it in an interview today on her show and I wanted to how he would react. His reaction confirmed my suspecions. Should I keep the fact that I know about this to myself? -Ariana


Definitely keep it to yourself. The last thing you want Zayn to know is that you know that he might propose to you sometime soon. Don't press questions about how he's going to do it. That would upset him and possibly make him refrain from doing it. Stay quiet and you'll be fine. :) -Liam


Thank you for the advice Liam. I don't know what I'd do without you Daddy Direction. :) -Ariana


Anytime Ariana, that's what friends are for. :) -Liam

Hoped that you guys liked this chapter. :) -Mary

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