Living with the 6 Taylor Boys

Living with the 6 Taylor Boys

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Georgia By georgie7345 Completed

Addison's dad abandoned her and her mother, Sarah, when she was young.

When Addison's mother dies in very tragic circumstances, she is sent to a caring facility, a waiting to see if they could track down anyone that knew her.

After being in the facility for a month, not knowing where she would go next, she meets her mother's best friends, Kelly and Rob.

She thinks things are finally looking up, that was until she walked through the doors of Kelly and Rob's home.

She didn't expect 6 boys to come bundling down the stairs.

Join Addison as she goes through the twist and turns of humour, romance and heart break while living with the 6 Taylor Boys.

marissa0227 marissa0227 Jul 02, 2016
I think I'm gonna kill my fam to live there
                              Lol jk I love them
Robinbatmanssidekick Robinbatmanssidekick Jul 03, 2016
So she has a son of 18 had her first child at 20 and has known him since she was 5 while being married for 15 years and knowing him for 33 so that would mean she dated him at age 13 am I correct or did I miss something
Its_always_mia Its_always_mia Apr 05, 2016
I don't understand what god parents r I have sum but I don't know what they are exactly
DDevStory DDevStory Nov 06, 2016
 #rr this book is amazing. I read it a while ago. Kind of forget but for all those ftr you will love it!!
When someone asks you something and you wasn't listening😁
You read what is says about him than you read what he says in the GIF