Living with the 6 Taylor Boys

Living with the 6 Taylor Boys

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Georgia By georgie7345 Completed

Addison's dad abandoned her and her mother, Sarah, when she was young.

When Addison's mother dies in very tragic circumstances, she is sent to a caring facility, a waiting to see if they could track down anyone that knew her.

After being in the facility for a month, not knowing where she would go next, she meets her mother's best friends, Kelly and Rob.

She thinks things are finally looking up, that was until she walked through the doors of Kelly and Rob's home.

She didn't expect 6 boys to come bundling down the stairs.

Join Addison as she goes through the twist and turns of humour, romance and heart break while living with the 6 Taylor Boys.

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Aprilunicorn Aprilunicorn Apr 18, 2017
Thank gods!! I was just scrolling through and I read Justin however-you-spell-his-last name, then I did a double take
lizgini2003 lizgini2003 Nov 28, 2017
I would of had Makenzie Foy as Addison and then for Kelly I would of had Mika Kunis 😁
zaynxmaliks zaynxmaliks Jul 13, 2017
he looks nothing like Nick, how are they supposed to be twins?
FairyofThelollipops FairyofThelollipops Aug 13, 2017
I will do my best to remember everything probably fail but I'll try. Also 
                              2:35 am
                              August 13th, 2017
                              Colorado, in my room, trying to sleep
peaceawesome peaceawesome May 07, 2017
I LITERALLY CAN'T RIGHT NOW...... 😱😱😱😱☺️☺️☺️☺️😍😍😍
- - Jul 22, 2017
anna kendrick seems to be a bit on the younger side compared to the actual main character....