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26th February 2014

I woke up at about eight-thirty the next morning after a restless night of sleeping. I think it was to do with the fact that I was now going to have a new home and that Kelly and Rob used to be best friends with my mother. It makes me scared for the future and the things that they will tell me about her; good and bad.

I didn't bother to go back to sleep after I woke up because I knew it would be no use so I got up and made myself a quick breakfast before getting ready for the day.

I decided to wear my tight, denim jeans with a light pink, long-sleeved sweater. I slightly tucked my sweater into my jeans and slipped on a pair of creamy-brown ankle boots.

I brushed my hair and let it flow out in its frizzy state and turned on my hair straightener. While I waited for it to heat up, I put some foundation and mascara on my face and eyes.

Once I had straightened my hair, I used my last remaining boxes to neatly stack my toiletries into them. The only thing left to pack was the picture of my mother and I that sat on my bedside table

I walked over and picked it up. I traced my finger over my mother's face. What did she do to deserve this? She hadn't even lived yet!

Despite not having the money to travel around the world, she still dreamed. She wanted to take me around Australia one day and she even dreamt as far as overseas, but obviously, that won't happen anymore.

Hopefully I can fulfil her dreams for her and travel around the world one day. I put the photo in one of the boxes and picked up my bag with my phone in it and sat it on top.

I looked at the clock and was relieved to see that it was 10 o'clock and that the time had flown by. Kelly and Rob would be here any minute now to take me with them.

I walked out of my bedroom door and walked down the hallway to the reception. As I arrived at the reception, Kelly walked in, but there was no Rob.

I immediately jumped to conclusions and took this as a bad sign, thinking that Rob didn't come because they had changed their minds and could no longer take me into their care.

"Hi Kelly," I sheepishly said, walking over to her. She opened her arms for a big hug and I entered them and gave her a hug back, probably for the last time.

"Hi honey! How are you?"

"Good thanks!" I replied.

"That's good. Rob apologises for not being able to be here today. He got called into work and it was an emergency so he couldn't say no," Kelly said sadly. I breathed a sigh of relief. I need to stop jumping to conclusions.

"Oh, Kelly! You have arrived!" Penny came walking out of the hallway and over to Kelly.

"Yes, I have. I was just explaining to Addison that Rob had to attend to an emergency and couldn't be here today. It's such a shame." Kelly smiled at Penny.

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