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22nd March 2014

Noah and I stood at the front door waiting for Kelly and Rob to get ready so we could go to Noah's first chemotherapy treatment. I couldn't stop nervously shaking as I held Noah's hand. 

"Addison, stop shaking!" Noah laughed. 

"I'm sorry but I just can't. How are you not nervous?" I asked him. 

"I am, but I just don't show it like you do." Noah turned my face to his before leaning in to kiss me on the lips. When he pulled away slightly, I wanted more. 

"Would you mind doing that again?" I teasingly asked. 

"Anything for my lady." Noah went to kiss me again before we were interrupted by a camera flash. We turned to face Kelly, who had a camera in her hand. 

"You two are just too cute!" Kelly squealed. 

"Mum!" Noah whined. 

"Oh, you will thank me one day for having all these photos of you and Addison together," Kelly brushed off. 

"Whatever," Noah said, admitting defeat. 

"Leave the poor kids alone, honey," Rob said, as he came out fixing his tie around his neck. 

"Oh, but they're just too cute. They remind me of you and I when we were younger." Kelly leaned up to kiss Rob as I hid my face in Noah's chest. 

"Mum! Dad!" Noah whined, "Please save that for later!" 

"Did you say that you would like to see your father and I show more affection to each other?" Kelly teased, "Because I would gladly do it." 

Noah left the room, grumbling, as he dragged me behind him. 

We all jumped into Robert's white Ford Focus; Rob driving, Kelly in shotgun and Noah and I in the back. 

Noah's appointment was at 3 o'clock so we had to leave at 2 o'clock to get to the Brisbane Royal Hospital. The girls went home from the sleepover at 11 o'clock. It was one of the best nights that I've had in a while. 

Noah and I held hands the whole way to Brisbane. I could sense and see that he was starting to show his nervousness because he held my hand a bit tighter than usual.  

"Hey." I shook his arm to grab his attention. 

He looked down at me as I was leaning against him. "It's going to be alright. I'm right here for you and I always will be. You know that we can get through this together," I said, encouragingly. 

"I know but I just can't help but be nervous, you know? It's finally starting to sink in that I have an illness, I have cancer, and I am about to go and get treatment for it. As soon as that poison enters my body, it will feel real. I am actually fighting a disease that I may not survive. This is a life or death situation, Addison, and I'm just so scared," he rambled on. I placed my fingers on his lips so he would stop talking. I could see the tears in Noah's eyes and I could tell that he was trying to fight them but I didn't want him to do that. I wanted him to talk to me and show me how scared he was. That's why I am here. 

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