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5th April 2014 

Finally, we had arrived. After an hour of sitting around, having nothing else to do other than be nervous about the impending competition, we had arrived. 

I stepped off of the bus at the Brisbane Dance Centre with my sports and costume bag and looked around. This is what a real eisteddfod looked like. 

"Come on Addison, we can't be late," Kylie said, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the rest of the group. 

Once we reached where Karen wanted us to be, I stood with Kylie, Jade and Alice. 

"I'm so nervous," Kylie said while fidgeting with her hands. This was her first solo, as well as mine. Alice and Jade had been doing solos for a couple of years now so they were used to the nervous feeling you got inside of you before the competition.  

"You'll both be fine," Jade and Alice reassured us. 

"I know but I can't help but be nervous. What if something goes wrong? Like the music stops, or even worse, I forget my dance." I started rambling on about all the things that could go wrong during my solo. 

Jade placed a hand on my shoulder which stopped me from talking. "You'll be fine, I promise. If the music stops, keep dancing. If you forget the routine, make it up on the spot." 

"Don't be nervous, just have fun," Alice told me and I nodded. 

"Ok, let's go!" Karen yelled from the front of the group. 

The group got into a single file and followed Karen through the backstage of the dance centre.  

There were so many dressing rooms with so many competitors. Everyone was running around, trying to find hair accessories, dance shoes or missing pieces to their costume. 

We finally made it to our dressing room, which was thankfully in the quieter section. 

"Ok, everyone set up your area and then come over to me," Karen instructed. 

Alice, Kylie, Jade and I all decided to set up our areas together so we could stay and help each other. 

I put my make-up box on the table, I hung my costume bag up on the racks above us and I put my sports bag underneath the table. Kylie, Jade and Alice all did the same and then we walked over to Karen where the rest of the group was. 

"Ok, girls, I have the schedule in my hand. Our jazz group is first, then our contemporary group and then the solos. We have thirty minutes before our first performance which isn't a lot of time considering we haven't done anything. I want everyone helping everyone with make-up and costumes. Let's go!"  

Everyone ran straight to their bags and started their make-up. Our make-up consisted of foundation, blush, brown eye shadow with white eye shadow on top, eyeliner, false eyelashes with mascara and a red lipstick. 

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