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11th July 2014

At the moment, we were currently roaming the streets of Paris. We had arrived in Paris a couple of hours ago and since we weren't allowed to check into our accommodation yet, we had dropped our bags off at the hotel and gone for a walk.

I didn't know whereabouts we were but I definitely loved the view. Paris was just so beautiful. Way more amazing than what I originally thought.

Kelly and Rob were admiring the view, completely oblivious to what the rest of us were doing.

Alex was running around like a crazy kid while Lucas and Nick chased after him. He would stop running and they would catch up to him but then he would laugh at them and run away again. This was going to be a long trip for them if this is what Alex did the whole time.

Mason and Khloe were holding hands as they strolled along in front of us. Mason had insisted that he brought Khloe along and Kelly and Rob agreed. I was happy to have another girl along on this family-like holiday.

Liam was walking next to Noah and I because he was a loner on this holiday. Kylie wasn't able to come on the trip due to other family commitments so Liam was stuck with hanging around us, and he just wouldn't stop whining about it.

"I can't believe I'm stuck here. You two have each other, Mason and Khloe have each other, mum and dad have each other, even Alex has Luke and Nick reeled in. I miss Kylie."

"Ok Liam, we get it. You miss Kylie and you're stuck with us but could you just stop whining about it for at least ten seconds?" Noah pleaded.

"Fine," he pouted. Ten seconds later, he was back to being his whiny self.

Noah linked his hand through mine and leant in towards me. "Don't worry about him. I'm going to make this trip amazing for you."

I smiled at him and leant up and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Do you guys want to head back to the hotel now?" Rob asked sometime later.

"I suppose. We should be able to get into our rooms by now." Everyone agreed with Rob and Kelly and we started to make the walk back to our accommodation.

Noah let go of my hand and ran up behind Alex and picked him up. I watched on in admiration as Alex giggled while Noah tickled him.

I looked around at the others – my family. I was thankful for them. I was thankful for meeting Noah and despite the up and downs that we had endured during the start of our relationship, I wouldn't have wished upon anything else.

"What was I thinking coming on this trip, which is dominated by boys?" Khloe said from next to me. I snapped out of my thoughts and realised that Noah was now walking with Mason, who was up ahead, and Khloe was walking next to me.

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