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Chocolate Eyes and Warm Hands by awesomelyanonymous
Chocolate Eyes and Warm Handsby Olivia
After a disasterous divorce betwen her parents, Hannah has been going to new schools left and right, and has her heart set on hating her parents and escaping to college...
Binding Ties ***ON HOLD*** by awesomelyanonymous
Binding Ties ***ON HOLD***by Olivia
On the Fantasy Planet called Nuvola, a world of land and sky, a young girl named Cly is training to become the 1st ever girl member of the Command Force on Terra. But as...
Our Secret Place by awesomelyanonymous
Our Secret Placeby Olivia
I am moving. Despite my protests, my parents decided this. My life is complicated, but know this: It's not the house I'm sad about leaving... It's the Home that I'm leav...
Paradise ***ON HOLD*** by awesomelyanonymous
Paradise ***ON HOLD***by Olivia
Based on the song "Paradise" by Coldplay Life was perfect. Or at least, as perfect as a life can be. I had it all: the money, the family, the resources, and, a...
Golden Note ***ON HOLD*** by awesomelyanonymous
Golden Note ***ON HOLD***by Olivia
Sophie has lived her life inside an abandoned court house, making money off playing music in the street and pickpocketing with her mysterious father. Lately, she can't h...