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24th March 2014 

"Hey Kylie," I said as we hopped out of the car that was parked in the school carpark. 

"Hey, how was the rest of your weekend?" she asked. I knew the real meaning behind that question. 

"Yeh, it was good. We got through it so I think we'll be alright," I replied. 

"That's good. Thanks for - " she suddenly stopped mid-sentence. She was looking past my shoulder and when I turned around to see what she was looking at, I saw Liam, who was also staring at Kylie. 

I turned back to Kylie and said, "You guys really need to talk." 

"No, its fine," she said, snapping out of her dazed state with Liam. 

"Fine, whatever you say." I put my hands up and rolled my eyes before we walked off towards our first classes for the day. 

As I sat in class with Samara and Noah, my mind flashed back to my meeting with Ryan yesterday. 

-Flashback to yesterday- 

"Addison, there's someone at the door for you," Nick yelled out from the foyer. I walked out from the kitchen to meet Ryan at the door. 

When I got to the door, Mason, Liam, Luke, Nick and Alex were all standing at the door. 

"Who's this?" Mason asked. 

I realised that they didn't know who Ryan was. "Don't worry. I will explain later." 

Thankfully, they left me alone to talk to Ryan. 

"Hi Addison, I'm sorry for bothering you like this," he apologised. 

"It's alright. By the way, here's my number so it's easier for you to contact me." 

"Thank you. So, the reason I wanted to meet with you was because I took matters into my own hands regarding the house fire." I nodded in understanding. "I went to the police station and asked where the situation was at and they told me that they were working on the case and that they would call me if they found anything new." 

"Did they call you?" I asked. 

"Yes, they did. They told me when they were doing their final search of the property, they found traces of fingerprints on the outside of your mother's window," he told me. 

"I don't know how that could be because she never opened her window and when she did, which was very rare, she always opened it from the inside, not the outside," I said in confusion. 

"That's what I thought. She wouldn't open the window from the outside so they have sent the swab of the fingerprints off to a lab but they informed me that we wouldn't get the results for a while since it wasn't a priority." 

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