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Hiya guys!

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Hiya guys!

I'm sorry if you thought this was an update because it's not. It's an update to let you guys know why the next chapter is taking so long.

So basically I went on a holiday and then when I got back, I hopped onto my laptop to continue writing the next chapter only to find that word has uninstalled on me. I don't know how or why but I couldn't access any of my writing or other word documents.

I managed to copy all of my files onto a USB but I can't access my writing unless I'm on a computer that has word installed. We have another computer in the house but that's the family one and it's hard to get it when you have 4 other people trying to use it so that is why there's a delay in the next chapter.

I'll try very hard to get it out soon but bare with me while I try to work around this situation.

Thanks 😊

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