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1st August 2014

"So, you said the 'L' word?" Samara questioned. I nodded with an ear-to-ear grin on my face. We had been back in Australia for about a week now and every time I talked about how Noah and I said 'I love you', I just couldn't help but smile.

"Relationship goals right there!" Alice said. Samara, Alice, Mikayla, Jade and Kylie were all situated in different places around the room as we caught up with each other. Alice and Samara were on the bed with me, Mikayla was on my desk chair and Jade and Kylie were sharing a beanbag.

Alice and I had become closer in the last couple of weeks due to her helping me practice for state eisteddfods, which were in the next couple of weeks. She is able to walk on her left foot now but she has to go to physio and rebuild the strength in it before she starts dancing again.

"I just love being with him. You can't deny that the start to our relationship wasn't how you would normally start a relationship but going through his cancer journey with him and seeing every part of him, I think it made us stronger."

"I agree. You guys are just the cutest. I am going to be the maid of honour to your wedding!" Kylie excitedly said.

"Wow, calm down! We've got at least ten years until it comes to that!"

"Well, I'm glad you had an amazing time in Paris and that Noah and you are getting on well but I have to go. Mum and dad wanted to talk to me about something today so I'm eager to find out what it's about." Alice stood up from my bed and gave me a hug before waving to the others walking out of my bedroom door.

"I guess we better get going as well. We'll see you next week!" Samara, Mikayla, Jade and Kylie all said goodbye to me before leaving me all alone in my room. Ever since getting back from Paris, I had been surrounded by people and never been alone. Now, I don't know what to do with myself.

Mason was at soccer training, Luke was painting, Nick and Alex were playing the Xbox and Liam probably left with Kylie. I could hang out with Noah but he was trying to catch up on the school work that he had missed over the last couple of months so I didn't want to interrupt him.

As I continued to contemplate what to do, my phone started ringing. I didn't bother to look at the caller ID as I answered it.

"Hello?" There was a long silence on the phone as I waited for the caller to talk. I was about to hang up when someone spoke.

"Addison?" someone mumbled.

"Who's this?" I questioned.

"Um, it's Ryan. Just, uh, can come to the police station?" He sounded shaken up and he kept fumbling over his words.

"Why? What's happened? Are you alright?" I fired questions at him through the phone.

"Uh, I'll tell you when you get down here." Before I got a chance to ask any more questions, he ended the call.

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