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1st March 2014

"Hey, I will sit in the audience," Noah told me. 

"What? There's going to be an audience?" I asked nervously. 

"No but we are allowed to sit in there and watch. No one really comes to these things." I breathed out a sigh of relief. 

I walked around to the door that said change rooms. As I walked in, all chatter in the change rooms stopped and everyone stared at me. I guess these were all the girls that were trying out.  

I quickly walked to the end of the change room and chose the spot that was the furthest away from everyone else. No one said anything while we got changed and I found it awkward. 

I put on my dance shorts and tank top and put my other clothes in my bag. I saw that everyone was leaving to go out to the stage so I followed them while putting my hair up into a ponytail. 

We made our way side stage and we saw what looked like the dance coach and captain on stage. We all walked out on stage and lined up in lines on stage. I chose the back line but I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide. I could see a figure sitting in the audience and instantly knew that it was Noah. 

"Hello girls. Now, my name is Karen and this is Alice. I am the dance coach and Alice is the dance captain. Now I will explain the process of these tryouts. Right now, at this moment, no one is in the team except for Alice. Everyone, new and old, is trying out so just because some of you were in the team last year, doesn't mean that you will get through this year. If at any time during this tryout I think that you are slacking or falling behind, I will kick you out. That will be your chance gone. Understand? Good." Karen seemed like a strong-minded woman who didn't like having her time wasted. 

"Ok, you have two minutes. In those two minutes, I want you to grab anything you need for this tryout. It will be lasting around sixty to ninety minutes. Two minutes is counting!" Karen yelled. 

Everyone ran to the change rooms to grab the things that they needed and then we quickly ran back to the stage. I had grabbed my drink and towel. I stood where I had been standing before with my drink and towel behind me. 

Everyone shuffled into 3 lines, me being in the back again.  

"You guys are all here for one reason, to be dancers. You guys aren't here to dance; you are here to be dancers! What are you?" Karen yelled once again. 

"Dancers," we replied. 

"What are you?" Karen screamed even louder. 

"Dancers!" everyone shouted. She nodded her head in satisfaction. 

"Ok, we are going to start a quick warm-up and then we will get into some fitness work-outs. Is everyone clear?" We all nodded. "Good, I want 10 laps of this stage. No cutting corners, no walking, no jogging, sprinting! Go, go, go!" Karen instructed. 

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