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16th March 2014 

Keeping this a secret hurts so much. Keeping my feelings from him, and everyone else, hurts so much. It hurts even more to see the pain that he is in. Even though he tries to mask the pain, I can see right through the facade. That's how well I know him. 

After my revelation to myself of my feelings for Noah, everything had been so hard. Every time we are near each other, I feel sparks between us. Even when we are in the same room, I can feel the tension between us. 

Now that I have admitted my feelings for Noah, every time we talk or touch, it feels different. I want to tell him and I did try. When we were at the hospital and we were in his hospital room talking, I was about to tell him but then his family walked in and I just let it go.  

When we got home later that day, I avoided him at all costs and I could tell that he knew something was up. Five days after he arrived home, we were in his room talking and I got the confidence to ask him again but then Corinne called dinner and I didn't get the chance, once again. 

I then decided that we were obviously not meant to be together if every time I go to tell him, we were interrupted.  

We all took three days off of school after Noah's arrival home from the hospital and then we went back to school again.  

Noah took the rest of the week off to relax but he went back to school the week after his collapse. He needed someone with him at all times so it was convenient that all his classes had either Liam or I in it.  

I think he was glad that he didn't have to change any classes because people would be suspicious and from what I had gathered, people were suspicious already that he had taken the last three months off of school. 

This morning when I woke up, I had some breakfast and quickly got dressed. Once I had finished eating my delicious breakfast, courtesy of Corinne, I started making my way to my room.  

As I was walking towards my bedroom, I ran straight into someone. I managed to catch my balance on the wall before looking up to see Noah standing there. 

"I'm so sorry, Addison. Are you alright?" he asked. 

He literally took my breath away as I stared into those captivating, blue eyes. Those blue eyes were so...blue? "It's alright, Noah. I'm fine but I should be asking you, are you alright?" I asked.  

"I'm fine. Uh, Addison, I was wondering if we could, um, talk?"  

"Sure, what about?" I asked. 

"Do you want to come into my room first?" He gestured towards his room that was situated across my mine. 

"Uh, sure." I didn't know how I felt about going into his room. 

We walked into his room and he sat on the top of his bed while I sat on the end. I didn't miss the wince that he made from the pain he got. 

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